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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off and running and fun with flower pots

I have to admit it, I am very addicted to Zen Tangling, I discovered it by accident while searching through all things Mandala !!

And I have not looked back, I have created lots of things but dont feel like I have found my ... groooove.

I keep doing them, i love doing them, is that enough? perhaps its a learning curve for me, I have a few around the house up in frames, and even some pots and bits and boxes I have zentangled... as they say... no surface is safe !!

But now, i have too many, to have up and about and thats when I thought of blogging!!! so the catalogue of my zentangling life is born !!!

Yours....... in all things tangle


1 comment:

  1. I really love your art. I just recently found your page and tangling. I truly love it. I have always wanted to paint but I just cannot paint what I have in my head. Some how I have been able to Zentangle and I am happy with the results. What a boon. It makes me so happy. Thanks