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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weekly Challenge # 3

Eyes Wide Shut was the challenge for the string this week from Laura @ I am Diva,
The idea was to create the string with your eyes closed and then fill it in ( eyes open ) it was wierd for me and I felt really non attatched to filling it in, I felt as if i was finishing off something for someone else and i couldnt wait to get to the end of it... I think it showed too as i like soft tangles usually and this seems hard to me . anyway ......
We are away on holidays at the lake and this kind of reminded me or Snoopy Dog riding a wave for some reason :) I think all my sore muscles have me thinking about the waves and water and may have sent me a little loopy !!


  1. This is a wonderful Snoopy – why is he astonished?? (Never noticed that he wears a necklace… :D ).

  2. Your tangle is going off like a bang! It reminds me of new Years Eve fireworks, all sparkly!

  3. it was definitely a challenge for me too, and a lot of people. just goes to show how easy it is to forget the process of Zentangle and to just let go. ;) great job.

  4. Wonderful! It makes me think of really nice warm place!

  5. 'Seusical' is the word! (Come to mention it, I'd love to see what Dr Seuss would do with a Zentangle kit. LOL) I love this one, Heather. Beautifully free and playful. ♥Namaste

  6. A playful dog, with dogtag and tail wagging! A friendly fun tangle!